You are invited to our Hunting-Gallery tavern to enjoy a good beer with a meal from our grill.

The tavern tradition live on. The Grill is where we prepare meats for our guests’ visual and dining pleasure.

The Grill, located in the Spice Hall, is a cozy room that offers a view of the Richelieu River with the Fourquet Fourchette’s exceptional terrace.

The bar and grill makes for a distinctive setting for restaurant dining. The room can accommodate up to 40 people and is available for private parties.

The spirit of the Chasse-Galerie tavern recalls the old days when gathering and chatting over a good beer was a tradition as well as a pleasure.

In the 30s, the beer market was one of the most flourishing in Quebec. Because the other Canadian provinces and the United States were still enforcing prohibition, the beer legally sold in Quebec became a smuggled product very much sought after elsewhere.

Until the late 70s, when the alcohol laws were amended, beer was consumed in taverns, a place strictly reserved for men. Ever since taverns started to put up signs with the laconic mention "Ladies welcome", women joined.

Towards the end of the 80s, microbrewers sprouted in Quebec, promoting different local beers in line with European taste.