Located on the shores of the Richelieu river, right next to the Fort of Chambly, the Fourquet Fourchette is housed in a mansion built in the 1920s and is decorated in the New France style. Its bay windows offer spectacular views of the Basin and Fort of Chambly.

The Jean-Talon Hall, the restaurant’s main dining room, can accommodate 160 guests. It is named after a pioneer of New France who also happened to be one of the first brewers in North America. It is decorated with antiques and ornaments reminiscent to the brewing traditions and native culture of Quebec.

The Chasse-Galerie Tavern
It is an intimate room for 40 guests. The beautiful bar showcases the spices used in the subtle art of brewing good beer. The grill is the true focal point of the room, allowing guests to watch the personalized preparation of the meals.

The Abbey Hall
Many guests ask whether the building was originally a church. Although the answer is no, the décor of the Abbey Hall does nothing to dispel this myth. Columns, gothic arches, sculptures and the Quebec quarry stone floor make it the perfect setting for receptions, weddings or parties for up to 150 patrons. The carved wooden bar dominates one end of the room, while an imposing 17th-century pulpit resides at the other, enhancing the view. It is a room that honours the monks’ contributions to the art of brewing beer. This large hall, medieval in character, is reserved for banquet weddings, seminars or business meetings. The entire western wall of the Fourquet Fourchette is windowed, offering a fantastic view of the Richelieu River.

In the summer, the Fourquet Fourchette opens its lovely terrace, offering another breathtaking view of the Chambly Basin. The uneven flagstone walkway and cast iron tables hark back to colonial times and are in perfect harmony with the neighbouring Fort Chambly.

Next door to the Fort of Chambly
Exit 22 off highway 10
(follow directions for the Fort of Chambly) 
1887 De Bourgogne Avenue
450 447.6370
or 1 888 447-6370

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